Marie McCray and Tanya Tate Will Tap that Soon

Description: Marie McCray and Tanya Tate have a scene coming up, and we can't wait! Seriously, this is one of the hardest parts of being a pornstar... when the studio calls you in to test the set for lighting and 'chemistry' and everybody looks so good you just want to haul off and start screwing everyone who looks at you with even the faintest twinkle in their eye! And most of all, someone you're going to have sex with soon, is right there...

Pictures: 100     Starring: Tanya Tate, Marie McCray


Marie McCray Makes Love to the Camera

Description: Marie McCray here in a set of pin ups I know you'll like! Cum with me as I touch myself through 54 sexy photos and show off all my private parts! I hope you're fantasizing about me when I bend over, and pull my pussy apart for the camera in these high heels! Just thinking about all of you getting horny from these photos, makes me want to cum over and over while you watch!

Pictures: 54     Starring: Marie McCray


Marie McCray and Sarah Vandella - Trading Tips (of Tongues)

Description: Marie McCray has Sarah Vandella giving me a few lessons, and she's teaching me all sorts of things I've always wanted to know! In this set of 83 photos, she's my reason to moan as she works her mouth and fingers over my body. Just feeling my nipple between her lips and her fingertips roaming down to my pussy, almost made me swoon! I did my best to return the favor...

Pictures: 83     Starring: Sarah Vandella, Marie McCray


Marie McCray Learns From Sarah Vandella

Description: Marie McCray fans, Sarah Vandella is here to help me live out one of my fantasies! And who cares that I've done this one before... it's one of my favorite, and I know you all can't get enough, either! Seems the new substitute teacher is a bad influence on my sweet and impressionable self... it's time to get a hands on education all about female anatomy from my latest pornstar professor!

Pictures: 85     Starring: Sarah Vandella, Marie McCray


Marie McCray and Raven Bay Demonstrate Tongue Magic

Description: Marie McCray and Raven Bay stand up perky and show off the assets for the camera... and after that, this is all about what we want to do! You're invited to watch us take things to a whole new level of sensuality, in this set of 85 toe-curlers! If you've ever felt a woman do something magical with her tongue and you weren't sure what it would look like, you're about to see it over and over...

Pictures: 85     Starring: Raven Bay, Marie McCray



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