Marie McCray Wants Allison Moore

Description: Marie McCray brings Allison Moore to the parlor in this set of 68 photos, to show you all what's kept my pussy drooling lately... in between shooting lesbian sex, of course! Get a look at those natural tits... that body just does it for me! After watching her strip gets me started, I decide to put on my flirt face and take off my clothes for her... come back any time, Allison!

Pictures: 68     Starring: Allison Moore, Marie McCray


Marie McCray and Aaliyah Love - A Perfect, Wet, Storm

Description: Marie McCray has Aaliyah Love in the house... naked! I'm so horny I barely know what to say! We took our time getting to know each other, with that ridiculously sexy grin on her face always letting me know, she had still more dirty intentions for me that I hadn't experienced yet! I feel like I just got pinned down by a tornado made of orgasms, and I might not be going anywhere for a while...

Pictures: 56     Starring: Aaliyah Love, Marie McCray


Marie McCray and Aaliyah Love - Tit for Tit

Description: Marie McCray and my guest, Aaliyah Love, both believe we can teach each other a thing or two about feeling good... and if you know that look on Aaliyah's face, you can see she's up for a dare today! Off comes her pink dress and out comes the slut, in this set of 72 lesbian photos! I like what I see, and since I've felt Aaliyah undressing me with her eyes, long enough for my clothes to catch fire anyway...

Pictures: 72     Starring: Aaliyah Love, Marie McCray


Marie McCray and Prinzzess - Cum Get Some

Description: Marie McCray here with the lovely Prinzzess, bringing you a steamy set of 174 photos. When you can smell that pussy calling to you from across the room, it's time to get the show on the bed! And yeah, that was actually my pussy Prinzzess was smelling... once I got thinking about what might happen, I got so wet! What can I say, I'm a redhead all the way through... it's why I became a pornstar!

Pictures: 174     Starring: Prinzzess, Marie McCray


Marie McCray and Britney Amber Having a Nice Fall

Description: Marie McCray here! Britney Amber is here to share my cutesy backyard setup, so I've got my pigtails on, and an outfit that begs to be touched. Britney came with purple hair and insisted on sliding up to me in her underwear. She pulled my arm around her and touched her hip to mine, so I hammed it up for the camera and just acted cool. It didn't take long for Britney to remember, red heads prefer the direct approach ;-)

Pictures: 91     Starring: Britney Amber, Marie McCray



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